Kelcourse Deserves To Be Re-Elected

To the editor:


I cannot say enough great things about our state Rep. James Kelcourse. I can say first-hand that no one works harder to represent the variety of interests that are required for our 1st Essex District. Take a look at Rep. James Kelcourse’s FB page to see just how present he is in the community, how much he cares and follows up and through for all of us. Newburyport Daily NewsOne of my favorite things about Jim is how he puts our community and its constituents’ unique needs first, above all other political concerns.

As a local business owner, I have encountered many challenges getting our new restaurant (Metzy’s Cantina) opened and operating at the Newburyport MBTA commuter rail train station. In many ways, Rep. James Kelcourse has been an integral part of helping us finally get this amazing project open. One incredible thing that we can directly attribute to the representative’s hard work and focused attention is the fact that we now have safe and improved sidewalks surrounding the new Cantina. This is a huge win not only for Metzy’s Cantina, but more importantly, for all of the people who utilize this awesome public transportation facility every day.

I feel very lucky to have Rep. Kelcourse representing our district in the Massachusetts Statehouse. I hope that everyone reading this can help make sure Rep. Kelcourse is re-elected to the 1st Essex state representative position.

Erik Metzdorf


Source: Newburyport Daily News

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