Kelcourse a new voice for state government – Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

As many readers already know, the First Essex District is in a unique position for the upcoming state representative race taking place in November; we do not have an incumbent representative running this year, and the ballot is full of new candidates. As a district, we now have the ability to send a representative to Boston with a fresh vision for Massachusetts and a new voice for state government. While there are many competent candidates to choose from, I believe that the best choice for the First Essex District is James Kelcourse.

As a life-long Amesbury resident and retired teacher, I know that Jim is an ideal candidate for the people of the First Essex District because he understands and shares our needs and concerns, especially regarding education. This is obvious in his ardent support of increasing funding for schools, which we can all agree is sorely needed.

Mr. Kelcourse also has an extensive record of being involved in our local community and government. He has been a member of the Chambers of Commerce for both Amesbury and Newburyport. Jim currently is the vice president of the Amesbury City Council with an excellent record and has served the members of our local community through his work as an attorney in a variety of proceedings.

Beyond this, Jim is a family man with young children, and sees the need for economic growth, fair use of taxpayer dollars and support for public schools in Massachusetts. This clearly shows that Jim Kelcourse is a dedicated community member and takes his civic duties seriously.

While voters have an unprecedented number of viable candidates for this election, I believe that James Kelcourse is the best possible option. His record of civic engagement is beyond laudable and he shares our investment in the quality of life here in Massachusetts. We need someone to represent all of the people of the First Essex District. That person is Jim Kelcourse.

Ruth A. Genova


via: The Newburyport Daily News

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