Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

As a resident of Amesbury, I understand the unique promise our community offers to everyone who lives, works or visits here. As a small business owner, city councilor, husband and father of two young boys, I also know the challenges that we face in continuing to realize that promise for ourselves and the generation to come.

For too long, professional politicians have pursued policies that have driven jobs out of our community while, at the same time, increased our tax burden. As your State Representative, I will continue to be an independent voice for our community who will make the right choices rather than the partisan or politically expedient ones. That means I will keep working tirelessly to foster a business climate that provides people with both the confidence and tools to start and grow businesses right here in Newburyport, Salisbury and Amesbury. By encouraging development of our commercial and industrial base, we will create more jobs, reduce residential property taxes, and deliver to our children the quality education they deserve without adding to classroom sizes.

Newburyport, Salisbury and Amesbury needs someone who will roll up his sleeves and solve problems for the people. My relationships with those in business and government will prove helpful to us moving forward as we tackle matters such as funding the gap in education and infrastructure costs. Please put my experience, education and hard-work ethic to work for you by electing me your next Representative in General Court, First Essex District on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Thank you.