Kelcourse is the man for the job – Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The voting season wears us all out in so many ways. We’re too busy to research all we feel we should about all the people who will be making decisions on our behalf come next January. Then we feel guilty that we voted for the person we either heard the most about, was not as annoying as the other guy, or the one who had the best ads, or the most signs, or maybe the best letters to the editor. Or maybe that’s just me.

One of the issues that is particularly important to me is the education of our children in the public schools. I have a special familiarity with the public schools in Amesbury. It is a school system full of wonderful, caring teachers who find a way to successfully educate our kids in creative ways with fewer and fewer dollars from continuously shrinking budgets that come from the very same legislators who mandate what those budgets are expected to do, yet fail to provide the funding to do it.

I am voting for Jim Kelcourse for state representative of the First Essex District because I believe that, among other issues, he is firmly committed to bringing about change in the funding process of public education. Jim has a natural charisma coupled with an authenticity that is unmistakable and rare in the political arena. My family has known Jim and his family for many years. He grew up here in Amesbury on the Merrimack River and he is raising his children here. He loves our district and will do all that he can to preserve and protect the natural beauty and all that makes this district so desirable, and prosperous when it is managed well. It is in his blood.

His credentials speak for themselves and he definitely has the ability to work with anyone to come to resolution on complex issues. He is a Massachusetts Republican who is his own man and will vote with integrity and not just along a party line. I believe that most of us respect someone who can and will do that. Please vote for the person, not the party and not the campaign — Jim Kelcourse is a fine man, a capable man and definitely the man for the job.

Joan Miller


via: The Newburyport Daily News

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