Kelcourse is the kind of person we need

To the editor:

As a city councilor, we have the chance to partake in efforts that go beyond the job description of the office to which we are elected. If our hearts are in something, the passion for it flows easily, and when coupled with our titles, we just might get a lot done.

Considering that education is approximately 50 percent of any given municipality’s budget, I want to know that our next state representative has put significant effort into our local schools whether it is part of his job description or not. Jim Kelcourse has put in that kind of effort.

Without it being part of his job description as an Amesbury city councilor, Jim Kelcourse has worked alongside the school leadership and searched for ways to find reimbursements for unfunded mandates that drain the school and city budget. Without it being part of his job description, Jim Kelcourse has been working for some time alongside other elected officials in an effort to address the inequities in the state’s Chapter 70 funding formula for our local schools. Jim works hard to access funding at the state level to keep the local taxes down. That is the kind of work ethic I want in our next state representative. That is Jim Kelcourse.

I also want a person in the position who is willing to put in the time to analyze and study the issues apart from partisan politics. Consistently falling in line with one party or another speaks to an unwillingness to work with everyone in order to do his best for his constituents. An elected official’s allegiance should be to us, not a party. Jim Kelcourse will work for us.

Jim Kelcourse has a heart for Newburyport, Amesbury and Salisbury. He has proven record of working hard. He is independent-minded. He doesn’t need a job description to tell him to do everything he can to help the people in his district. He just inherently pushes up his sleeves, leans in, and gets the job done. That is the kind of person I want as our next state representative. That is Jim Kelcourse.

Meghan Kinsey


via: The Newburyport Daily News

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