It is Kelcourse’s time – Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I’ve known Jim Kelcourse for most of the 11 years we’ve lived in Amesbury. What I admire most is his drive and ability to bring people together. He is dedicated to improving the lives of all of us through his participation in government and civic organizations.

Jim educated himself, aided by a full athletic scholarship to Villanova University, where he earned both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA. After college, he returned to Amesbury; while working full time, he went to night school to obtain his Juris Doctor, pass the Massachusetts Bar and open an office in Newburyport.

Jim is a great family man, married with two young boys and a wonderful wife. Although he is a very busy individual, he makes time to involve himself in youth activities.

Last November, Jim was elected to his third term on the Amesbury Council, getting the highest vote of any councilor. He is now the council’s vice president. This illustrates his local popularity. One of Jim’s strengths is his ability to listen to constituents and answer their questions. If he doesn’t have an answer, you can be sure he’ll research it and give a timely reply.

Having grown up locally, Jim well understands the local issues. His candidacy is built around his concerns for economic development to expand our local tax bases to offset increased taxes. And, as a parent of two small children, another major issue for him is education. When elected, he is committed to push for more Chapter 70 monies going directly to the local government under a revised allocation system.

As a grandmother with grandkids in the school systems, I’m concerned that our schools have adequate funds to meet local needs for all, including special needs and advanced placement students. We cannot accept more state cuts in local aid. We all recognize that our future is tied to developing well-educated young men and women.

Jim is a hard-working man who will represent us fairly and bring new blood to our Statehouse. I urge you to help to elect Jim in November.

Joan Parker

via: The Newburyport Daily News

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