A senior’s observations on Kelcourse – Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I’ve known Jim Kelcourse for over eight years and been impressed by his exuberance and drive to succeed at every challenge he faced. He learned by asking a lot of questions. Once convinced of an answer’s value, he never forgets it. He has a solid grasp of the 1st Essex District issues.

We have talked frequently about his family, business and politics, and I’ve gotten to know him well. I felt Jim had talent and was among many who encouraged him to make his first run for Amesbury City Council. He has exhibited leadership abilities throughout his three terms. Jim’s hard work and problem-solving of complex issues has generated interest in him running for state representative from the 1st Essex District.

During this campaign I’ve had an opportunity to work closely with Jim, and he has been excellent to work with. People like him, and they like his message of allowing communities more freedom to deal with their problems by reducing unfunded mandates and leaving more tax money available at the municipal level.

Jim’s honesty and drive impress me. He is campaigning hard getting his message out. While there is time before the general election, I am betting on Jim. I’m proud that he is takes the “high road” in all phases of the campaign, and I would be proud to have Jim and his family as next-door neighbors. Please vote for him on Nov. 4.

William Parker


via: The Newburyport Daily News

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