A Letter to the Editor – Elaine Andralouis

To the editor:

I recently had an informal conversation with friends about Jim Kelcourse’s candidacy. Jim is running for the state representative’s seat in the 1st Essex District. It includes Newburyport, Salisbury and Amesbury. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and I believe those who have met Jim at current events come away knowing that Jim is a man of integrity.

Jim is an outstanding speaker who knows his topics. Instead of talking about issues, created to bring out the voters at the next election, Jim focuses on bread and butter issues: “education” to improve the opportunities for all students to acquire the knowledge necessary to compete in today’s global marketplace; “economic development” to generate new, high-paying, full-time jobs; “constituent services,” to make government more responsible to all citizens.

Jim speaks about these issues with a passion that is refreshing. He understands what is needed and will find a way to achieve the goals he plans for the betterment of all. Jim will listen to your concerns; if you need an answer, be assured, Jim will get back in a timely manner.

As he talks about his primary issues, while not ignoring other issues, he points out how they form a template to improve our quality of life. Jim believes that children need a great education to prepare them to be good citizens and effectively cope with future complex issues. If individuals can cope, they can deal with economic challenges to help grow our economy, and most importantly, improve the quality of all lives.

I told my friends that, while Jim makes a wonderful first impression, I’m pleased to report that he makes an even stronger impression as you get to know him.

He is a unique individual with the talent of a real leader. I hope that you, like my friends, will take time to meet Jim.

When you do, you too will vote for Jim Kelcourse this November.

Elaine Andralouis

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