James Kelcourse has a history of stepping up and DELIVERING for AMESBURY. 

Too often, politicians are looking to score political points along party lines. For Jim, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Democratic idea or a Republican idea, as long as it’s a good idea for our city.

Now more than ever, we need leadership in Amesbury who will work collaboratively, listen to all sides, and do what’s best for Amesbury. Over the past decade, Jim has been there to champion our causes here at home. Whether it’s been protecting our environment, advocating for our students, fighting COVID-19, helping small businesses – and everything in between – Jim has been on the front lines working.

These accomplishments speak for themselves. James Kelcourse is ready to lead Amesbury:


  • Supported Governor Baker’s “2050 roadmap” plan to resilient critical infrastructure: adapting a wastewater system to create a clean and thriving Commonwealth. House Bill 4933 codifies the state’s goal to achieve net-zero lines, preparing the district’s rail trail for future storm surges, and reducing statewide greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
  • Procured $20,000 for Amesbury to eliminate milfoil invasive weed species from Lake Attitash in Amesbury
  • Fought for $352,000 in local aid to mitigate invasive cyanobacteria in Amesbury’s Lake Attitash 
  • Secured $300,000 in additional funding for the Blackwater River Flood Control project in Salisbury 
  • Secured $38,000 for the City of Amesbury for a municipal vulnerability preparedness grant 
  • Supported $325 Million package with targeted investments in clean, renewable energy including:
    • a $100 million matching grant program to help cities and towns deploy municipal microgrid energy systems; 
    • a $125 million grant program to encourage municipalities and regional transit authorities to convert their fleets to electric vehicles; 
    • a $20 million grant program for municipalities to hire sustainability coordinators to implement and monitor projects awarded funding under the GreenWorks Infrastructure Program; 
    • $50 million to establish a Green Resiliency Fund to provide matching funds for GreenWorks projects, resiliency improvements and resiliency investments; and 
    • $30 million for the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources’ MOR-EV electric vehicle rebate program 
    • Fought for and secured $1,000,000 to cleanup contaminations at former Microfab Inc. hazardous waste site


  • Secured $20,000 to support survivors of domestic violence through the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center
  • Secured $180,000 for Our Neighbors Table in an effort to feed Homeless Veterans
  • Voted in favor of the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 relief package, giving much needed aid to those who might be sick or unemployed
  • Supported multiple bills that fund school assistance, aid small businesses, expand
  • voting options, expanded telehealth access
  • Helped local businesses secure much needed PPP loans to keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic
  • Delivered countless pieces of Personal Protective Equipment for first responders 
  • Helped hundreds of constituents who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 obtain their unemployment benefits


  • Secured $20,000 for economic development for the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce’s Fireball Run
  • Secured $220,000 in local aid for re-paving the local MBTA Commuter Rail parking lot
  • Secured $100,000 capital grant for Lowell’s Boat shop
  • Secured $394,836 in chapter 90 funding for our bridges and roads
  • Secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in workforce training grants


  • Secured record funding for Amesbury – $9,852,121 – through Chapter 70 allocation (over $650,000 in additional money compared to FY’19)
  • Fought for $20,000 for Amesbury Public Schools for computer carts for students taking MCAS
  • Obtained increased funding for special education circuit breaker law
  • Secured critical funding for ‘Early College Program’ at Amesbury High School which allows students to take classes at nearby Northern Essex Community College and receive college credits
  • Filed and passed an amendment to the Student Opportunity Act which results in approximately $300K in savings for Amesbury Public Schools


  • Received and responded to over 50,000 constituent contacts via email, calls, and text messages
  • Available for thousands of “Office Hours” to meet with constituents and hear their concerns
  • Settled thousands of constituent services cases